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I'm outside Canada

Get Ready for CanadaBeing outside Canada has 3 major pitfalls, it's really difficult to understand what Canadian employers expect of you from:

  1. resume and cover letter
  2. interview skills
  3. workplace culture

Here are solutions:

If you're planning to immigrate to Canada or want to gain Canadian experience, we can help you to prepare and succeed with your job/career goals. You will save time and money (+ experience less stress! ) by preparing in advance for working & living in Canada. 


We will guide you step by step and answer your questions. When your documents arrive, you'll be ready for your first interview!

Have you heard great news about Express Entry yet?

Starting January 2015 Canada is implementing a new application management process for economic immigration programs to meet current needs. So, get ready!

  • New changes will allow for:

    • more recruitment possibilities for employers; and 

    • more opportunities for prospective skilled immigrants. Express Entry candidates will benefit from processing times at CIC of six months or less (~80% of cases)

For more information about Express Entry Two-Step Application Process, please visit our official Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

For more details and free consultation, please contact us as soon as possible.


Anna Shultz is a certified coach and lead consultant for Get Ready for Canada, a career coaching firm located in the Okanagan Valley, BC. Specializing in employment and career services, her practice encompasses career strategy and development, helping her clients embrace and discover opportunities to redefine and more fully develop their career goals in a way that matches their personal aspirations.

Anna successfully immigrated from Ukraine to Israel and then to Canada, and is personally aware of the challenges and opportunities a newcomer job seeker is facing during job search. 

Combining career coaching with her additional skills in recruitment and selection, Anna provides clients with knowledge from both sides of the hiring desk to help them secure opportunities and reach their full potential.

Professionally trained and certified as a coach through the Career Development Practitioner program from Simon Fraser University, plus additionally trained in Job Development by Life Strategies, Anna has been providing coaching and counselling services for over five years. Her clients range from entry level to senior-level management professionals from all over the world including countries such as Russia and the Ukraine and industries such as Information Technology, Construction, Accounting & Finance to name a few.

Anna holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering, a diploma in Information Technology and Communication Design and is completing her Human Resources Management Diploma with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). She also presents workshops and seminars for organizations looking to enhance their career development paths for employees. Anna is a member of the International Rotary Club of Kalamalka, Vernon, BC.

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