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Resume and cover letter

FrustrationHave you spent a lot of time working on your resume? And have you applied to many positions with little or no response? Are you now wondering if the success you hoped for will ever really happen?

If you agree with these statements then you've struggled just like me when I first came to Canada, when it seemed like I was sending resumes and cover letters out into the "black hole” of the universe. 

We have seen thousands of both good and bad resumes and cover letters; and, we have helped many clients get unstuck on their path to success. Our experience has led us to understand why job candidates don't get their interviews.

Three Reasons your resume and cover letter don't work:

    1. Your resume and cover letter are not targeted specifically enough. Your resume is missing information that shows you meet the requirements and needs of the company.  Also, you could be needing a clearer focus on results and impact.
    2. You are applying for the wrong jobs. If your experience and background do not match well enough, or if your level of experience is not appropriate, then you can apply for hundreds of jobs without results.
    3. Your resume may be too long/short for the type of job you are targeting.

Three Reasons to Invest in Our Silver, Gold or Platinum Service Packages:

    1. Seeking our professional career advice can help eliminate the frustration and disappointment experience in the job hunting process.  
    2. The money you are not earning while looking for work far exceeds the investment of a professional career assessment and development service.
    3. Resumes & cover letters “out of a book” lack the customization necessary to secure the job you want. Our professional services  will create a resume with your qualifications, best achievements and attention-grabbing language.

Our rates for the resume/cover letter service vary based on the amount of individual needs and complexity of the situation. We also offer comprehensive career packages which include a resume/cover letter service at a reduced rate.