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Mentor Search & Match Assistance

MentorshipDo you have a mentor yet? Have you ever thought about having somebody who can guide and support you in your professional development? Without financial costs?

Mentoring is a two-way process where both participants agree to teach and advise each other, learn and grow, and mutually and freely enhance their professional skills.     


Benefits for Mentees (You):

  • Enhances confidence  

  • Offers challenges to set higher goals, take risks and achieve at higher levels

  • Provides Individual recognition and encouragement

  • Provides Psychosocial support

  • Advises how to balance a range of academic and professional responsibilities

  • Offers role modeling for professional leadership

  • Facilitates the development of increased competencies such as stronger interpersonal skills

  • Provides access to a support system during critical stages of your academic and career development

  • Gives you an insider’s perspective on navigating your career

  • Exposes you to diverse perspectives and experiences

  • Gives you direct access to powerful resources within your major or profession

  • Begins the foundation of a lasting professional and personal network and much more

The actual mentoring service is free.  However, we do charge a finders' fee; our Mentor Search and Match is one of our special services and our rate depends on the industry of your chosen profession. We assist in finding mentors for you so you can establish virtual or in-person mentorship.