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Interview Skills

Interview SkillsIf your resume and cover letter work well in obtaining job interviews, but then you don’t hear back from the employer, it can be really frustrating.

You check your inbox, and what do you see?
Drumroll! Another interview request! Great news, but...

If you’re not very confident anymore after so many tries and no or few job offers, maybe you said something inappropriate, or didn’t answer well on certain questions, or you weren’t confident enough and didn’t maintain eye contact or communicated as effectively as you'd hoped?

There are so many “maybe’s".

We can help with our customized training methods to address these issues:

1)  different types of interviews (standard, behavioural, panel, stress)

2)  skills development with practice using mock phone and Skype interviews

3)  dealing with difficult, unexpected, and tricky questions

4)  Understanding the “questions behind the questions”  

5)  raising your confidence for making a better impression

6)  how to present your best self during the interview