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Career Exploration & Planning

Career ExplorationWhether just starting out or looking to make a change, selecting a career path can be an overwhelming experience! So many choices for your career... how do you choose the right one for you?        

The answer is right here: Get Ready for Canada can help guide you to success!

How?  We guide through step-by-step as you figure out what you want and plan your career. We show you a wide range of career options and pathways to achieve them. We help you select a fulfilling and rewarding option. And we understand that change can be challenging so our coaching system motivates and encourages you all the way through your journey from the time you arrive until you achieve your career/job goal.

Specifically, we take you through the following 5 steps to help ensure you succeed:

1.  Self assessment (we use a unique combination of assessment tools)   

2.  Researching Occupations

3.  Decision Making

4.  Educational Planning

5.  Career Goal Achievement