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We provide you with services specifically designed to assist you with your job search or career change.

Whether you are just beginning your first career or making a shift to a new career, we offer all of the skills and knowledge you need for success in Canada.

1) Job Search Essentials

2) Resume & Cover Letter Writing

3) Interview Preparation (Phone/Skype/In person) 

      • Phone Interview  (Technical, Communication qualification)
      • In Person Interview (Broader Qualification and/or Behavioral Interview)
      • Panel Interview  (Technical/Communication/Behavioral qualification by multiple interviewers)

Get ready for Canada - success!Services available include the following: 

4) Art of Self Marketing: Elevator Pitch

5) LinkedIn Profile

6) ePortfolio

7) Mentoring Assistance

8) Cold Calling & Walking

9) Personality Dimensions

    10) Career Explorations and Planning, and more