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Accent Reducation

Andy Krieger is from San Francsico, CA. He graduated from Stanford University and then spent 2 years with the US Peace Corps. Then he was a school teacher in Vancouver, B.C.Canada. For 14 years he worked for Warner Bros and Central Casting in Los Angeles. Every day he was on movie sets, hiring extras for such shows as "Pretty Woman, Star Trek: the Next Generation, Rocky IV, and 1000's of other TV shows, movies, and commercials. Andy loved the way actors talked. In 1997 Andy returned to Vancouver Canada, working for the local actor's union, and was asked by an American movie producer, to teach Canadian actors, how to speak American, so they could work on American movies filmed in Vancouver. That led directly to Andy teaching ACCENTREDUCTION.

As of February 2014, Andy has taught over 13,000 students.

You can take a private class from Andy at his studio in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver, B.C. or you can take a private or small group class using Skype.

For more information please visit Andy’s website: